Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I think I understand a bit more about Thing 3. I have started thinking about Facebook, and adding things to my profile, so that it is more like Link In. I want it to show my education & career path, and such serious stuff, so that past colleagues can find me. I still need to understand more about the different settings. I was annoyed to see that it flags up that I like Kitkat - I entered the number on my husband's Kitkat wrapper the other day to see if we had won any cash, & I had to sign up via Facebook! So it's just like when you enter a competition by post or email - they just want your address! Can I get rid of this, I wonder?

I see that Thing 4 begins with Twitter. That's good, as I haven't really got the hang of that yet, especially the hash tag. On which subject - am I supposed to keep putting hash tags in this blog? I did it the first time to get the cpd23 in - but can't remember how I did it! Ah, ha!  Got it, now - I re-read Thing 1!

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