Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I think I understand a bit more about Thing 3. I have started thinking about Facebook, and adding things to my profile, so that it is more like Link In. I want it to show my education & career path, and such serious stuff, so that past colleagues can find me. I still need to understand more about the different settings. I was annoyed to see that it flags up that I like Kitkat - I entered the number on my husband's Kitkat wrapper the other day to see if we had won any cash, & I had to sign up via Facebook! So it's just like when you enter a competition by post or email - they just want your address! Can I get rid of this, I wonder?

I see that Thing 4 begins with Twitter. That's good, as I haven't really got the hang of that yet, especially the hash tag. On which subject - am I supposed to keep putting hash tags in this blog? I did it the first time to get the cpd23 in - but can't remember how I did it! Ah, ha!  Got it, now - I re-read Thing 1!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hmm, obviously not going to possible to post every day, as with exam season I'm far too busy here!

Had a go at Thing 3; as you can see, I have changed the colours in this blog to my favourite mauve! What is a snag is that I can't seem to do anything with my other accounts.  I can't see how I can change anything similar in Twitter & Linked in. Also, we were warned so strongly about the dangers of social networking if you work in a school, that I purposely picked a user name in Twitter that doesn't contain my real name, & won't use my Facebook account ( I only got one because occasionaly you need it to look at something). Twitter & Facebook are both blocked in school, so I can't use them here anyway.

So - I can't really get to grips with this brand thing. I can see the value if I wasn't based in a school...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Didn't post yesterday - too busy looking at other people's CPD23 blogs, as per Thing 2. Joined Delicious, not finding it that intuitive to use, but getting there. Have now saved a filtered list of school library blogs.

Looked at some social networking apps last night: got the the Linked-in app, which seems good. The Delicious one had only 2 reviews, both bad, & it is really designed for i-phone rather than i-pad, so didn't bother.

The fix on the dodgy keyword problem in Eclipse has worked! So the thousands of "Guerrilla Warfare" keywords have at last gone, though still don't know why they appeared. Hope they don't come back!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My first post in my first blog, as the 1st Thing of 23 Things. I want to try to catch up with all those colleagues on sln who are far more "with-it" than me! That's the problem with ICT stuff, it never stands still, so you can never stop learning! I've got a Kindle & an ipad now, so I can start to get to grips with what the kids at school are on about, but there's always more!

Not sure how well I am going to get on with blogging - not enough hours in the day... Still, it should be useful for recording cpd, including my progress with Eclipse, as well as cpd23.

Today, I got the answer to my calendar problem on Eclipse: a Windows security update had messed it up, but it's been fixed for me now.